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Slim After Pregnancy: Celebrity Workouts and Weightloss

by Staci Marks on May 22, 2012

It seems that as soon as a celebrity pops out a baby, the whole world expects them to be back to a perfect weight the next day. Where does this pressure come from? Celebrity moms are pulling out all the stops to get their bodies back within months of having a baby. Is it the industry, the paparazzi, or even the fans that are waiting to see it? As our country struggles to fight obesity, we are placing weight loss stress on new mothers that are in the spotlight. You have to give them their credit because these moms have fought hard to get their bodies back into fighting shape.

  • Bethenny Frankel

    Founder of the Skinnygirl franchise, Bethany Frankel is one celebrity who actually had to defend her rapid weight loss after the birth of her fist child. Bethany got her start in reality TV and then went on to be a spokesperson for healthier eating and working out. Critics slammed Frankel for losing 29 pounds in the three weeks after the birth of her daughter. However, the health advocate credits her healthy lifestyle before her baby for helping her after childbirth. While pregnant the star made sure to not overeat and was also continued working out on a daily basis. Bethany claims that all of her healthy habits helped her gain only 35 pounds throughout the entire pregnancy.

  • Aishwariya Rai

    Another star who is having to defend her weight after the birth of a child is former Miss World, Aishwariya Rai. The pressure of being Miss World would be a lot for anyone to handle, but the Bollywood actress is taking her time getting back her pre-baby figure and is receiving criticism from fans, the Indian government, and even photographers. So why all the criticism? Many are slamming the actress for not appearing to have lost any baby weight after she gave birth six months ago. Many are saying that because of her status in her country, she is obligated to get her figure back and soon. It appears that many are not as concerned with her health as much as they should be. Most of the criticism is stemming from how motherhood and beauty are portrayed in her country.

  • Jessica Simpson

    Another famous face who has had to endure the pregnancy firestorm is Jessica. In what has been called one of the longest pregnancies, Jessica Simpson recently gained more than 50 pounds while pregnant with her first child. Even while she was pregnant, people were criticizing the star on how much weight she was putting on. Once posing in daisy dukes, it appeared that the star was already gaining weight before she was pregnant. The additional 50 pounds made people question how many kids she was really about to have. Before her daughter was even born, weight loss companies were trying to sign Jessica as their new spokesperson. Ultimately, Weight Watchers signed Jessica to a $4 million dollar deal. Now all we can do is sit back and wait as Jessica diets and works out with a trainer to get her body back.

  • Beyonce

    Worldwide singing sensations apparently have no problem shedding the post-pregnancy weight. Like Jessica Simpson, Beyonce gained about 50 pounds during her pregnancy but seemed to only put it in her belly. Though she was able to save herself from the weight-gain criticism, many attacked her for not appearing to really be pregnant with her child and accused her of faking it altogether. However, Beyonce stands by the fact that it was in fact she who delivered her baby girl and who is now almost back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Although she has been working hard, she admits that the birth did change her body. However, she is embracing the changes and loving every minute. So just how did Beyonce get her healthy body back? After months of breastfeeding, the singer started out slow by walking but stuck to a strict diet. Now she is back hitting the gym and we can all marvel at the “bootylicious” curves that she has regained.

  • Mariah Carey

    Another singer who has been highly regarded for her body is Mariah. At the top of her game she was belting out tunes all over the world and seemed to always show off as much skin as she possibly could. Then in a new phase in her life, at the age of 40, she was married and pregnant with twins. After having a difficult time getting pregnant and facing many health issues throughout the pregnancy, Mariah and her husband gave birth to twins. After the birth, she was determined to lose the 70 pounds that both babies had provided. After realizing that working out would not be enough, the singer signed up with Jenny Craig. Once she had her diet under control she focused her attention to walking and underwater exercises to get her body back to toned perfection.

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