Health Insurance Resource Library: Smoking Prevention For Kids

Smoking is a prevalent problem in children and teenagers. It’s found that about 3,000 teenagers become active smokers in the United States every day. Another study claims that up to 25 percent of US high school students smoke cigarettes. Smoking is especially dangerous for younger people because it’s very hard for them to quit if they start smoking before they turn 21. According to research, around 30 percent of people who start smoking early would continue to smoke through the rest of their lives, and die prematurely from a smoking-related disease. This is why teachers and parents have to educate children about the ill effects of smoking as early as possible. Here’s a resource library on smoking prevention for kids.

Anti Smoking Lessons

Other than their parents, children spend the most time with teachers. Most children, especially the younger ones, tend to look up to teachers as their role models or secondary “parents”. In this light, it’s a good idea to include smoking prevention lessons to the curriculum. When the message is spread in the classroom, children would take it more seriously and keep the lessons in their mind longer.

  • Cough… Cough…: This anti smoking lesson spans two 45-minute class periods and it’s suitable for 6th to 8th graders.
  • Smoking Dangers: A great resource for teachers to spread the anti smoking message through activities, lessons, work sheets, and more.
  • Tobacco-Free: Provides a range of anti smoking lesson plans for students in grade Pre-K to 12.
  • Youth Tobacco Prevention: Includes a fact sheet, reports, DVDs and videos, surveys, and other anti smoking materials.
  • Smoking Today = Smoking Tomorrow: This lesson plan focuses on the use of statistics to educate students about the dangers of smoking.
  • Where There’s Smoke: A 50-minute lesson plan which demonstrates the effects of smoking on the body.
  • Surgeon General Warning: This lesson plan for middle school students is based on the Surgeon General’s warnings about the ill effects of smoking.
  • The Tobacco Time Bomb: In this lesson plan, students would discover the chemical elements of cigarettes and develop an understanding about why smoking is bad for health.

Parents’ Resources

It’s very important that parents play an active role in educating their children about the dangers of smoking. Parents are supposed to be the closest people to younger children and they have tremendous influence on them. When parents start talking to their children about smoking from an early age, the warnings and lessons would be ingrained in their minds for the longest time.

  • Talking to Your Kid: A guide to help parents talk to their kids about alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
  • Smoke Free: The organization provides guides and tools to help people quit smoking.
  • OxyGen: A number of special anti smoking games for kids.
  • Smoking: Good resources for parents to educate their children about the dangers of smoking.
  • Anti Smoking Games: Kids Against Tobacco Smoke presents some games with anti smoking messages.
  • Nicotine Addiction: Provides resources to educate young people about the effects of smoking.
  • Health Effects: A great place to get all the necessary information about the negative health effects of smoking.
  • Second Hand Smoke: Offers information and resources on the dangers of second hand smoke.
  • The Dangers of Smoking: Come here to find publications, websites, and resources on the dangers of smoking.

Kids Anti Smoking Campaign

  • Kick Butts Day: One of the most prominent and successful anti smoking programs aimed at kids.
  • Project Never Start: Miss South Coast Counties 1998 Becky Snyder’s anti smoking campaign.
  • Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids: Provides information on taking action, federal initiatives, state initiatives, ad gallery, and more.
  • No Tobacco: The Foundation for a Smoke Free America provides an anti smoking website for teens.
  • Quit Because: An online ant smoking campaign targeted at youths.
  • Legacy: The organization is committed to build a world where young people say no to tobacco.
  • No Smoking Room: Girls only site dedicated to spreading the anti smoking message.
  • It’s My Life: PBS’ anti smoking campaign for kids.

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