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Cancerous Risks

by Staci Marks on June 18, 2012

It is presumable that everyone has been affected by cancer in some way or another. It is one of the most depressing words that people will ever hear in their lifetime. Through medical research, we have been able to fight cancer and return hope to people’s lives. However, cancer still affects 11 million Americans. For many women, cancer can feel like an unfair aliment. After all the changes that a woman’s body goes through in her lifetime, many have a hard time facing cancer as well. There are five types of cancers that affect women at a higher rate than the other forms.

Breast Cancer

One of the most commonly known types of cancers for women is breast cancer. With breast cancer, women will experience an uncontrolled growth of breast cells. More often than not, the cancer will actually form in the lobules. These are the milk-producing glands that allow for milk drainage. Breast cancer will then continue to grow and if it makes its way into the lymph nodes, it has an opportunity to spread to the rest of the body. Though breast cancer can be hereditary, it is more likely caused by a genetic change or your aging body. Breast cancer will affect more women than lung cancer and accounts for about 30% of all female cancers. Women who are diagnosed have a variety of treatment options. One of the most extreme is to have a lumpectomy. This will remove the breast and prevent the cancer from spreading into the body. Other treatment options include: chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy, holistic medicine or even drug treatment.

Lung Cancer

Most people attribute lung cancer to a long life of smoking, unfortunately smokers are not the only individuals who suffer from this disease. With lung cancer, abnormal cells will grow in one or both of your lungs. As they grow they will begin to block the lungs and hinder the functions that they were performed to do. This type of cancer is the second highest reported kind for both women and men. Lung cancer can even take a long time to be diagnosed. That is probably why it is the cancer with the highest death rates and why people usually get diagnosed later in life. Exposure to asbestos, environmental factors, and secondhand smoke are all factors other than smoking that can be attributed to a person getting lung cancer. Treatment usually includes surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation depending on the severity of the cancer.

Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is another form of cancer that affects women. Currently, this form is the fourth most common form of cancer in women. The average age of women who discover that they have uterine cancer is 60, though 25% of all cases that are diagnosed are found in women before they go through menopause. Usually this form of cancer grows very slowly and will usually start as endometrial hyperplasia. Usually a hysterectomy is performed on patients or removal of the lymph nodes in the pelvis and lower abdomen. Other treatments are radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy.

As a woman, it is important to meet with your doctor regularly to go over your medical history. Though genetics aren’t always a factor, it is important to understand what all of our risks are. As we age it is more common to develop the types of cancers that affect women. By following the recommended testing guidelines and talking to your doctor you will be able to detect any problems that you may be having from the beginning.

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