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by admin on March 30, 2012


Breakups are horrible. “It’s like part of you has died,” says relationship expert Dr. Gerry Heisler in Psychology Today. Yeah, you feel like trash. Breakups are one of the most stressful things that anyone can go through. But no matter how hard a breakup is, recovery is possible. No matter how nasty or naughty the breakup, you can move on.

Life Happens, Even Breakups

  1. A breakup

  2. A breakup

is traumatic, but like it or not, it’s one of the facts of life. Humans are made to be social creatures— to develop deep and nurturing relationships. But humans are also flawed creatures. Sometimes, those blissful relationships break. When the relationship pitches off course, the best thing that can happen is to end the relationship and move on. Nearly everyone has experienced a breakup, and most of us have gotten over it, too.

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