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8 Reasons You Should Never Use Adderall For Dieting

by Staci Marks on May 4, 2012

According to the Center for Substance Abuse Research’s profile on amphetamines, drugs containing amphetamines such as Adderall are prescribed for narcolepsy, obesity, and attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder. While Adderall is seldom prescribed for weight loss, it occasionally is. It can also be easily obtained for nonmedical use, as it tends to be by college students. However, Adderall is not a plausible alterative to dieting and exercise. The medical risks of taking Adderall to slim down outweigh the benefits. Still, this drug is constantly abused, for weight loss, as a study aid, and to get high.

  1. You’ll Put it Back On

    One of Adderall’s well-known side effects is loss of appetite. This is because they stimulate the dopamine center of the brain, which regulates pleasure. Hollywood starlets are reputed to use Adderall for its thinning effects, and the trend is catching on to mothers nabbing a few pills from their children’s bottle or college students who find that the weight loss benefit is still appealing even after the need for a study aid has dissipated. However, just like any quick fix diet trick, you’ll put the weight back on after you stop taking Adderall. Likewise, users will have to increase the dose over time to maintain the same appetite suppression. Worse, since most Adderall diet proponents have essentially been starving themselves for the duration of their drug abuse, they will gain even more weight when weaning off of Adderall because the body has been famished and is trying to quickly store calories.

  2. It Increases Anxiety

    The Partnership for a Drug-Free America’s pamphlet entitled “Getting High on Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs Is Dangerous” states that high doses of Adderall taken over a short time can lead to feelings of hostility, intense fear, and paranoia. This doesn’t diverge much from what the medication guide for Adderall says as well. Adderall may have a calming effect on adults and teens with ADHD, but for those without it, it is a stimulant with side effects akin to speed. Repeated use could cause panic attacks, especially if mixed with other stimulants or medicine with stimulants such as most nasal decongestants.

  3. It’s Addictive

    Without doubt, Adderall is psychologically addictive, especially when you start seeing the weight fall off as a result of a few week’s usage. The risk for becoming dependent on the drug is extremely high. When you stop taking Adderall, your motivation dissolves, fatigue creeps up, and the weight trickles back on. You won’t be happy with the lack of energy, how much harder it is to focus without the drug’s aid, and the emotional lows that normal people experience when they aren’t constantly on an upper. To counteract the withdrawal effects, you’ll need to slowly wean off of the drug over time, which shows it is also physically addictive.

  4. It’s Banned in Canada

    In 2004, Shire Pharmaceuticals, which owns the formula for Adderall, released a report revealing that 20 sudden deaths had occurred worldwide from patients taking Adderall. Furthermore, these patients died without overdosing, misusing, or in any way abusing the drug, which means that they died even though they took Adderall according to their doctor’s orders. The report also referenced 12 Adderall users who suffered strokes while correctly using the drug. In response, Canada’s Health Products Directorate recalled Adderall from the market on February 9, 2005. For some reason, the FDA did not take the report as seriously, and Adderall continues to be distributed throughout the United States without much regard to its obvious risks.

  5. It Causes Heart Problems

    If you refer to the medication guide itself that comes with a prescription to Adderall, it plainly warns of some serious side effects concerning heart problems and blood pressure, including sudden death in patients who have preexisting heart problems or heart defects, stroke and heart attack in adults, heart arrhythmia, and increased blood pressure and heart rate. This is part of the reason that Adderall is considered a class II drug and must be closely evaluated. During usage, doctors regularly monitor their patients’ blood pressure to make sure there are no significant changes to be concerned with. Increased heart beat is listed as a common side effect, and many Adderall users experience heart palpitations over time. Keeping your weight regulated isn’t worth the stress this stimulant puts on your heart. Looking slimmer in exchange for taking a few years off of your life isn’t a particularly good deal.

  6. It’s Usually Illegal

    While many people may obtain Adderall from their doctors by feigning ADHD symptoms or seeking the advice of a doctor that is willing to prescribe Adderall for weight loss, most will simply order it online or buy it off of friends with scripts. This is illegal. Adderall is a controlled substance for a reason — taking this medication without doctor supervision can be lethal. Incidentally, should you accidentally order Adderall online from a DEA agent posing as a distributor, you could serve jail time for your crime. Obtaining Adderall from a source other than a trusted pharmacy with a script from your doctor could mean that the drugs themselves are untrustworthy. They could be far too high a dose or cut with another substance.

  7. Taken off the Market

    Adderall was originally called Obetrol, and was prescribed as a weight loss pill in the 1980s. However, it was taken off the market because it was deemed addictive and not worth the negative side-effects. This should be a clue to those that take Adderall for weight loss that they should not be abusing the drug in this way. If Adderall were intended to be used as a diet pill, it would never have been taken off the market and reformulated for the treatment of ADHD. Drug companies are able to evaluate the successfulness of a drug better than any self-prescribing civilian that orders Adderall off the internet without a prescription.

  8. It Impairs Creativity

    The effects of Adderall on a studying student may be great, since it allows them to be more focused and regimented, but the creative pulse will completely dwindle while on the drug. Eric Heiligenstein, clinical director of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin says “these medications allow you to be more structured and more rigid. That’s the opposite of the impulsivity of creativity.” It’s one thing to be able to regurgitate information for a test, but daily use of Adderall for its weight loss purposes will ultimately render your work into the methodical thinkings of a robot. Creativity is important even in daily life and jobs that don’t seem to allow for much of a creative slant, as it gives way to innovation, new strategies, and exciting ideas.

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