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7 Celebrity Parents With The Most Bizarre Child-Rearing Techniques

by Staci Marks on May 16, 2012

Although strange parenting techniques are nothing new, celebrity parenting gets quite a bit of criticism since it is so publically exposed at all times. With celebrities endorsing things like Kabbalahism, Scientology, veganism, and attachment parenting, it’s difficult for these famous children to grow up with conventional methods. Gracing their children with off-kilter names like “Apple” and “Bear Blu” isn’t enough for celebrities — they also want to rear their children in the weirdest ways possible. The following celebrities endorse some of the most eccentric practices when it comes to raising children.

  1. Alicia Silverstone

    Alicia Silverstone inspired a great deal of scrutiny when she posted a video online of herself feeding her son, Bear Blu. The uproar came as a result of the unique methods with which she passed the food to her son, by first chewing it up in her own mouth and then spitting it into his in a style similar to how birds feed their offspring. The video shows Bear cooing in excitement as Silverstone first masticates his food and then presses her lips to his, transferring it into his mouth. Not only has the public criticized the practice for being unhygienic, but it delays the developmental process of children learning to eat with a spoon like a civilized human being. Likewise, with this video on the internet, Bear Blu will have decades of humiliation ahead of him and no way of ever erasing it from existence.

  2. January Jones

    After the birth of her son Xander, January Jones took up the witchy, unconventional practice of eating the placenta for its supposed nutritional purposes. According to some, the placenta is full of vitamins and minerals, providing much-needed nutrition and assistance in preventing post-partum depression. Medical opinion on the practice is divided, with some thinking of it as a scam intended to fund a growing, new business for companies that will process a woman’s afterbirth for consumption. Others recognize it could have potential health benefits. Either way, the Mad Men star left most of the public utterly grossed out that she could eat something that came out of her own body.

  3. Christina Applegate

    When asked what the best parenting advice she ever received was, Christina Applegate responded with, “to buy a NoseFrida!” The NoseFrida is a suctioning device you use to quite literally suck snot out of your baby’s nose. Rather than use a hand-squeeze nose suctioner or a humidifier to clear her baby’s sinuses, she uses a gross tool that could potentially wind up with her slurping baby snot into her mouth.

  4. Gwyneth Paltrow

    Gwyneth Paltrow recently offhandedly commented to Harper’s Bazaar that she bathes with her children. This might be normal if she had toddlers who needed assistance in the tub, but her daughter Apple is seven and son Moses is five. Clearly, both children are old enough to bathe without their Mom getting in the bath with them. Paltrow’s comment spread like a wildfire in online communities where readers have been discussing whether this behavior is unusual. The self-righteous actress posts articles about her experiences with parenting, recipes, travel, fashion, wellness tips, and cultural notes on her website,

  5. Mayim Bialik

    Much like the mother on the recent cover of TIME Magazine, Mayim Bialik still breastfeeds her 3-year-old child. The actress of Blossom fame is a strong advocate of attachment parenting, which advocates parents to keep their children as close as possible. This could translate into sleeping with them, bathing with them, carrying them around in a sling, and breastfeeding them past infancy. In fact, Bialik’s book, Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way, details all of her weird parenting beliefs. When asked when she would nip the breastfeeding practice in the bud, the star dryly responded that it’d be sometime before her tot hits high school.

  6. Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes’ and Tom Cruise’s staunch Scientology beliefs make for an endless conversation as to their obscure parenting. First, Holmes gave birth silently, complying with the Scientology belief that birthing shall be done without screams of pain from the mother. As their daughter, Suri, grows older, Cruise and Holmes continue to make the news for weird parenting. Suri is allowed to do whatever she pleases because they believe that her spirit has lived for thousands of years already, and that she’s more or less an adult trapped in a toddler’s body. This includes dining out past one in the morning, drinking Starbucks coffee drinks, and purchasing penis-shaped gummies from an adult-themed store. Many people think that giving Suri what she wants is simply lazy parenting exacted to avoid the child’s famous temper tantrums.

  7. Madonna

    Madonna’s children are not allowed to watch TV. They cannot eat non-organic, processed foods. They can’t wear clothing that isn’t 100% cotton. They may only drink Kabbalah water. These are some of the many ridiculous stipulations Madonna made when she was forced to have joint custody over her children with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie. Many of these rules had already been implemented when the couple was still together, and she has been criticized for being unnecessarily strict with her children. When her daughter, Lourdes, leaves any article of clothing on the floor, it is thrown into a trash bag and she has to earn it back. The parenting style is awfully punitive for a woman that once wore a cone-shaped bra and sung in a field of burning crosses.

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