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52 Articles Discussing Benefits of Supplemental Health Insurance

by Health Insurance Staff on September 3, 2010

Health insurance isn’t just about protecting individuals or families in the event of an accident; it is also there to cover day to day health needs such as eye care, oral care and ongoing prescriptions. Many policies offer only very limited coverage in these areas and patients can find themselves out of pocket in the event that they need treatment or care. For this reason it is a good idea for individuals and families to consider investing in supplemental health insurance to ensure all their care needs are always covered, this way you will not have any worries or them unexpected medical bills of what your main insurance plan did not cover.

  1. Supplemental Health Insurance an Overview A look at what is provided by supplemental health insurance. Why do people need this kind of coverage?
  2. What is Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance? Who should consider paying for this coverage and what will they get for it? Also includes information on insurance providers.
  3. Additional Employee Benefits with Supplemental Health Insurance A look at how employers can enhance their employee benefits with supplemental helath insurance options. Advice for businesses.
  4. Why do Seniors Need Supplemental Health Insurance? A look at the benefits of investing in supplemental health cover in older age. What is there to be gained?
  5. Comparing Supplemental Health Insurance Policies A look at the benefits offered by different plans. What do policies cover?
  6. Covering Medicare Gaps with Supplemental Health Insurance A look at bridging coverage gaps with additional insurance plans. What benefits can be added?
  7. Why do People Need Supplemental Health Insurance? A look at what Medicare does and doesn’t cover and what additional policies may pay for.
  8. Questions About Supplemental Health Insurance A look at some common concerns about additional coverage. Includes advice on what to look for in an additional policy.
  9. Supplementary Health Insurance Explained A look at additional coverage to bridge Medicare gaps. What can consumers claim on their policies?
  10. What Will Supplemental Health Insurance Cover? A look at the coverage of supplemental health insurance plans. What may not be covered by traditional insurance such as that offered to employees.
  11. Supplemental Insurance and Non-Traditional Medicine A look at policies supporting complementary therapies and other non medical approaches to wellness.
  12. Is Supplemental Health Insurance Necessary? A look at whether additional policies are needed. Exposing the hidden costs of healthcare that can catch out those with existing policies.
  13. The Importance of Supplemental Health Cover to Cover Prescription Costs A look at the Medicare donut hole and how to avoid falling foul of prescription coverage rules. Important information for patients.
  14. What does Medicare Cover? A look at the things not covered in a traditional policy. Exploring the need for additional insurance.
  15. Medigap Policy Benefits A look at the coverage provided by supplemental health insurance. Different coverage level policies examined.
  16. A Look at AFLAC Supplemental Plans Breakdown of the benefits of an AFLAC insurance plan.
  17. Post Retirement Supplemental Health Insurance A look at health coverage for the older patient. How much supplemental insurance is required and what will policies cover.
  18. Medigap Coverage The importance of bridging the coverage gap. An explanation of how supplemental coverage can help.
  19. Medigap Insurance Plans and Benefits A look at supplemental health coverage options. Includes details of the benefits of different kinds of coverage.
  20. Supplemental Health Care Pros and Cons A look at the upside and downside of purchasing additional health coverage. What can and can’t be covered?
  21. What is the Point of Supplemental Health Insurance? A broker explains the benefits of additional coverage. Complete with breakdown of possible payout areas.
  22. Why Get Supplemental Health Insurance When Covered By Medicare? Explanation of what patients gain when opting for additional cover. Explores the different options available.
  23. Example of a Supplemental Health Insurance Plan A look at what policies can cover. Includes screening, admissions and prescriptions.
  24. Supplemental Health Insurance Types A look at different coverage levels. Examining the benefits offered by each.
  25. The Importance of Prescription Drug Coverage Looking at the need for supplementary drug coverage. How to meet prescription costs.
  26. Why Seniors Need Supplementary Health Coverage A look at the importance of bridging the Medicare gap for older patients. Focusing on the possibilities of paying for prescriptions.
  27. The Importance of Medigap Coverage Looking at the benefits of bridging insurance offering supplemental health coverage benefits. Medigap explained by the experts.
  28. How Does Supplemental Health Insurance Work? A guide to the benefits of additional health cover and how to make the most of them.
  29. Why Buy Prescription Insurance? The benefits of adding supplementary prescription cover to existing health insurance policies. Avoiding costly prescription bills.
  30. Supplemental Health Insurance for Seniors A look at essential additional coverage for the more mature. What is on offer and why is it needed?
  31. The Importance of Maternity Insurance Why couples need supplemental health coverage if planning to start a family.  A look at the true cost of pregnancy and childbirth.
  32. Who Benefits From Supplemental Health Coverage? A look at who can gain from additional policies. Exploring the importance of comprehensive cover
  33. The Benefits of Dental Coverage Why buy supplemental dental insurance in the UK? A look at the pros of having a dental policy in place.
  34. The Importance on Choosing the Right Insurance Provider A cautionary tale for those considering skimping on insurance. Why having a solid policy in place is paramount.
  35. How Supplementary Health Care Fits with Reform A look at the issues of health insurance in America and the benefits of a two tier system.
  36. The Future of Supplementary Health Insurance in the UK A look at the possible benefits of an opt in insurance system. The possibility of wider private healthcare participation.
  37. Why Buy Maternity Insurance? A look at the need for supplemental coverage in pregnancy. What will be covered?
  38. Best Supplemental Health Insurance for Seniors? A look at what policies will be best for senior citizens. Overview of the benefits offered by each policy.
  39. Fill the Gaps With Supplemental Health Insurance Why people need to purchase cover for additional care. A guide to bridging the Medicare gap.
  40. Supplementary Policies to Bridge the Gap Between Employment A look at bridging insurance options. What are the benefits of policies of this kind?
  41. Is Private Health Insurance Necessary? A look at why individuals should purchase supplementary insurance policies.
  42. Benefits of Supplemental Health Policies for Students A look at the importance of coverage while studying. With examples of available policies.
  43. Choosing Health Insurance With the Best Benefits A look at what supplemental policy will best serve the patient’s needs. An inside view from the healthcare providers position
  44. How to Ensure the Best Healthcare Benefits What should patients look for when purchasing a policy? A buyer’s guide to healthcare.
  45. Seniors and the Medigap A look at the needs for supplemental health insurance for older people.
  46. Medicare in the Future? Why patients need to familiarize themselves with personal policy options. The benefits of investing in individual supplemental healthcare.
  47. How Can a Broker Help Maximize Benefits of Health Insurance? Getting professional help when purchasing a policy can ensure best performance for the patient.
  48. Do Healthy People Need Cobra? A look at one supplemental insurance and who will best benefit. Reasons to keep or cancel the policy.
  49. The Importance of Maternity Health Insurance A look at one area where supplemental health insurance should not be ignored. How can mothers to be benefit from supplemental cover?
  50. Supplemental Insurance to Cover Hospital Stays A look at policies, which enhance hospitalization cover. What is included?
  51. Supplemental Insurance for Starting a Family A look at additional maternity cover. What benefits are offered and why is it important?
  52. Critical Illness Insurance Benefits Why should patients purchase critical illness cover? What do policies protect against?

Image credits: Lisa Brewster

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