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50 Inspiring Cancer Survivor Blogs

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by admin on June 22, 2010

Cancer occurs when the number of cells in the body increases too fast. According to the National Institutes of Health, this happens when the body produces new cells that aren’t needed and older cells aren’t dying off as they should. The excess cells can form a cluster which is known as a tumor. These tumors can stay on one area or spread to other parts of the body. Benign tumors are not cancerous. Malignant tumors are cancerous. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. The treatments for this disease can be physically and emotionally draining for patients and their families.

  1. Cancer Guide: Provides numerous links to patients’ personal accounts of their experiences with cancer.
  2. Cancer Guy: Jason shares his journey, stage four colon cancer, and blogs to educate and raise awareness and money to help save lives.
  3. Breast Cancer Victory: Sylvie originally started this blog to sort out her feelings about having breast cancer and it has since evolved into a journal to inspire others facing similar challenges.
  4. Blog for a Cure: This site offers a collection of blogs from patients who are living with various forms of cancer.
  5. Blog Her: This site addresses the issues women face when they are coping with a cancer diagnosis.
  6. Online Cancer Guide: This site features the inspirational stories of 10 celebrities, including Kathy Bates and Nelson Mandela, who share their experiences with cancer.
  7. Belief Net: This site is a collection of inspirational words and survival tips from cancer patients.
  8. Miracle Survivors: Cancer Survivor Tami Boehmer offers encouragement and useful information for cancer patients.
  9. Time to be Frank: This site offers inspirational stories including personal accounts of     children who are living with cancer.
  10. A Girl’s Gotta Spa!: This blog features an in depth interview with a woman named      Kristen, who lost a cousin to breast cancer and later found out she has the disease.
  11. Testicular Cancer Resource Network: Offers a series of stories of people who are       coping with testicular cancer.
  12. Jayne’s Breast Cancer Blog: Jayne England Byrne shares her journey from being a       patient to becoming a breast cancer survivor.
  13. Breast Cancer Survivor: This site links to numerous other blogs by cancer survivors and information about detecting symptoms and treatment options for breast cancer.
  14. Brenda’s Blog: Brenda offers tips and advice for coping with and surviving breast cancer.
  15. Aim Clear Blog: A married mother of two young girls shares her experiences after being diagnosed with stage 3B lymphoma.
  16. Care Pages: Cancer survivor Lori Hope offers advice to help patients and their       loved ones cope with the illness.
  17. Moving Forward: This blog offers advice and inspiration for patients and their families as they cope with cancer.
  18. Health Bistro: This site highlights the success stories of three breast cancer survivors.
  19. Rick Dancer: Rick Dancer is a former news journalist who blogs about his experiences with cancer.
  20. The Health Care Blog: This site provides information about patient successes and       education awareness programs about cancer.
  21. Kevin Reilly: This blog chronicles the experiences of former NFL player Kevin Reilly       who faced numerous challenges following his cancer diagnosis.
  22. Woman Tribune: Shares inspirational stories of women who have overcome       breast cancer.
  23. Every Day Health: This site offers patients’ personal accounts of their experiences       with cancer.
  24. Cancer Victory Gardens: A dietician’s story of her multiple battles and victories with cancer.
  25. The Rest of My Life So Far: This site offers a personal account of facing a cancer diagnosis and coping with the rigors of chemotherapy.
  26. Rants and Ramblings: Rachelle chronicles her emotions and feelings about       overcoming cancer from a religious perspective.
  27. Life After Diagnosis: Sarah shares with her readers what it was like for her to       carve out a life for herself after she learned that she had breast cancer.
  28. Sharing Miracles: This site offers inspirational stories about people who have made        miraculous recoveries from cancer.
  29. MOMocrats: This site addresses the personal and political issues women face when they are living with cancer.
  30. Skin Cancer Survivor Blog: This blog is a resource for patients who are coping       with skin cancer as well as their families.
  31. Rituals of Healing: This site is the work of Dr. Huelsenbeck, a therapist and cancer       survivor who offers advice on connecting the mind and body for healing.
  32. Advanced Prostate Cancer: This is a resource for patients and their families to       share information and offer support in coping with prostate cancer.
  33. Health After Chemo: This site offers advice, support and information for cancer patients.
  34. The Outside Blog: Cancer survivor Kyle Garlett inspires others by sharing his victories after overcoming cancer.
  35. Ellyn Davidson: Ellyn Davidson has survived breast cancer multiple times and is       passionate about learning all she can about coping with this illness and sharing that       information with others.
  36. Soft Serve Girl: This site chronicles the journey of a breast cancer survivor.
  37. Thyroid Cancer – The Journey: This site offers the insights of Jennifer Bridge, a cancer survivor.
  38. Cranky About Cancer: This blog address the different issues that a person will face      when dealing with cancer including diagnosis, and treatment.
  39. Colon Cancer Survivor Blog: This blog is a daily journal of the experiences of a colon cancer patient.
  40. Lessons from Cancer Survivors: This site explores the insights patients and their       families have learned from coping with cancer.
  41. What Momma Said: This blog chronicles a housewife’s experiences of living with         cancer.
  42. Cancer Survivors: This site is a resource that allows cancer patients and      survivors to network and share experiences.
  43. Sheila Ulrich: Sheila Ulrich shares her insights in maintaining a peaceful life after       overcoming cancer.
  44. Oh She Glows: This site offers an inside look at the life of cancer survivor Kris Carr and her many accomplishments, after overcoming her illness.
  45. Out With Cancer: This blog is a support network for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people who are coping with cancer.
  46. Love and Water Designs: Alexis Fedor shares her experiences in coping with a diagnosis of cancer.
  47. Mary Blocksma’s Breast Cancer Blog: Mary Blocksma offers prevention tips and shares her insights as a breast cancer survivor.
  48. Just One More Book: This site is offers a collection of the experiences of cancer survivors.
  49. Evy Beat Cancer: An inspiring story of little girl with a tumor in her supratentorial region of her brain.
  50. Super Foods: Dr. Willie T. Ong discusses 12 foods that help a person beat cancer.

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