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49 Posts About Affordable Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

by Health Insurance Staff on August 26, 2010

Being self employed as many perks. You are your own boss. You make your schedule and can adjust as needed. While working for yourself is great, it is hard to find affordable health insurance plans. This list will help you do just that. The articles and blogs will help point you in the right direction. Most companies can adjust your insurance plan to only charge for services you need. Find the help you need and the coverage you deserve below. You will also find help in understanding the terms that you will see in insurance coverage plans as well as what other options for group benefits are.

  1. Self Employed Insurance: Get the answers to many questions about insurance for the self employed. It is available and affordable if you know what to look for.
  2. Finding Self Employed Health Insurance: Read this frugal dad’s blog on how to find affordable insurance for those who are self employed.
  3. Different Programs Available: There are different options available for self employed people. Read here to see what you can choose to pay for and what you can leave off.
  4. Types of Insurance Available: Check out this informative article about the types of insurance available for self employed workers.
  5. Self-Employed Health Insurance: Learn what the difference is between your self-Employed benefits and those of others who work for a big company.
  6. Tips on Getting Insurance: One blogger shares tips on getting discounts for health insurance.
  7. Discount Insurance Plans: Learn if you can get a discount plan when you are a Urban Planner.
  8. It is Possible to have Affordable Insurance: One blogger shares how you can have affordable health insurance even when you are unemployed.
  9. The Facts of Starting Your Own Business: When you are looking at starting your own business you should read here. These are some facts you should consider that you when opening up your business.
  10. Free Insurance Quotes: Learn why getting insurance quotes is very important when looking for self employed health insurance.
  11. eHealth Insurance Review: A self employed blogger reviews this company for health insurance. See what he found out on their plans.
  12. Health Insurance: This is an informative blog about not over looking the savings in your health insurance. Make sure you are not paying too much by looking at these tips.
  13. Health Insurance Review: One blogger reviews the site Find out if you should use this website for your self-Employed health insurance policy.
  14. One Couple’s Search: Hear about one couple who is searching for health insurance for their business and see how their search went.
  15. Tips on Finding Insurance: Follow these tips to help find affordable health insurance policies for you and your family.
  16. Guide to Finding a Quality Plan: Read this guide to help you find quality and affordable health insurance.
  17. Small Business Health Insurance Tips: If you own a small business learn tips here on how to offer insurance to your employees as well as yourself.
  18. Protecting Your Business’s Greatest Asset: You are the one who makes your business work. Learn how to protect you and your health on a budget.
  19. Lowering Your Cost: See how you can have affordable health insurance and great coverage.
  20. Insurance for the Self-Employed: Read how you can have affordable health insurance even when you are self-Employed.
  21. Keep Your Employees: Help your employees to stay on with you by offering health insurance for them.
  22. Guide to Affordable Health-insurance: Use this guide to find the policy that is right for you.
  23. Guide to Purchasing Health Insurance: Try using this guide to help you when you are ready to purchase health insurance.
  24. Tax Breaks: Learn the tax breaks for self employed workers like some of your health insurance costs.
  25. Group Health Insurance: Review the options for group health insurance for your small business.
  26. Retirements and Health Insurance Considerations: Read about one bloggers search for finding the right insurance and retirement plans.
  27. Tax Tips for Self Employed: Read about the rules for self employed health insurance tax breaks.
  28. How to Shop for Individual Healthcare: Find tips on how to shop for yourself for health insurance and getting the best deal.
  29. 9 Overlooked Tax Tips: See these often missed tax breaks for those who are self employed.
  30. Why is Affordable Insurance Out of Reach?: Read what one article says about health insurance not being as affordable as you need it to be.
  31. Tips to Get Perfect Insurance: Discover how you can get a perfect insurance policy for your situation even when you are self employed.
  32. How to Choose the Right Policy: Get help here on picking the right health insurance policy for your situation.
  33. Tips for Lowering Health Costs: Being self employed can mean expensive insurance costs. Learn how to make those lower and have great coverage too.
  34. Insurance for Self-Employed: Find out what one blogger says can help you get the insurance you need at prices you can afford.
  35. Ohio Small Business Insurance: If you are in Ohio then stop by here to see what tips you can find for your health insurance plans.
  36. Florida Health Insurance: Learn about getting insurance in Florida whether you need a small business group plan or an individual plan.
  37. Help Getting Insurance: Find out a few tips on getting your self employed health insurance plan and at a great price.
  38. Insurance Options: You do have options when choosing your self employed health insurance. Learn what you may choose here.
  39. Options for the Self Employed: There are several different options you can choose from. Being an informed consumer helps to ensure you will not be paying too much for insurance.
  40. 7 Tips for Saving on Health Cost: Learn how to be frugal in your spending this year. Find out if there are any discounts you were unaware of to make your insurance cost less.
  41. Insurance Tips: From personal insurance to small business group plans, this is the place to go for finding the best plan for you.
  42. Affordable Group Insurance: Discover the affordable group insurance plans available to small business.
  43. Learn the Language: Understand the different terms used when buying insurance.
  44. Texas Health Insurance: If you are in the great state of Texas look here to find out your options for health insurance.
  45. Buying Insurance as a Self Employed Person: Read the tips on how to make sure you get the best rates and coverage when purchasing your insurance.
  46. Help Choosing Small Business Coverage: When you want to get insurance to offer to your employees, stop by here to see what your options could be. Don’t pay too much by not doing your research.
  47. Shopping for Health Insurance: One blogger shares tip and tricks to help you get the most affordable and best insurance plan.
  48. Health Insurance Options: Find out the different options you have in insurance and 401k plans when you are self employed.
  49. Understanding Your Options: Find help here from one blogger who tries to explain the options you have when you are self employed or unemployed.

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