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43 Posts Written by People Who Cant Afford Health Insurance

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by Health Insurance Staff on August 2, 2010

Health insurance is extremely expensive, and the price seems to raise yearly. Unfortunately there are many families who have no health insurance and can simply not afford it. It is not a good situation to be in and for many of these families they make too much money to get public assistance, it’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place with no way out in sight.

  1. ExamHealth – This blog examines the Oklahoma health care budget and how residents who can’t afford insurance are reacting.
  2. – A blog about what will happen to those who cannot reasonable afford health insurance under the new health care bill.
  3. Shoulder Posture Brace – In this blog the author takes comments and explores options for pain management for a shoulder injury without insurance.
  4. DC Now – This blog has some great commentary about the new health care bill penalties from people who cannot afford insurance now and worry about breaking the law.
  5. The Iowa Independent – This blog gives a personal account of what it is like to live without insurance and have trouble finding a job in this economy.
  6. Problem Solver – In response to a blog about food recalls, a woman shares her story about being a victim of the recall and how it affected her having no insurance.
  7. Dark Side of the Mood – This is a personal blog about sacrificing insurance for mortgage and struggling because of it.
  8. LidLift – This blog urges those without insurance to rethink their need for cosmetic surgery and focus on financial and health goals.
  9. Mortgage Insurance Blog – This blogger is supporting her mother, has no insurance and is trying to put herself through school.
  10. Cash Money Life – This blog answers the question “What if I can’t afford health insurance?”
  11. Eating Your Greens – This blog’s author can’t afford insurance and ponders why when there are people who can afford to help change that for many Americans.
  12. The Louella Chronicles – This blogger satirizes her struggles with dead-end jobs and no affordable insurance in a large metropolitan area.
  13. Care2 – This blog examines the recent health care bill  and incites participants into sharing their own stories about why they cannot afford health insurance.
  14. Science Blogs – A doctor rants about his inability to help patients who cannot afford their treatments and is supported by comments of those who cannot afford any insurance either.
  15. Health Blog – This blog is an interview with a doctor in private practice who can’t afford the high cost of health insurance.
  16. Work in Progress – A blog about a freelancer who can’t afford insurance and is exploring alternatives.
  17. Trailer Park Queer – A blog written by an individual who cannot afford insurance and lives an alternative lifestyle and documented his illness.
  18. SEIU Blog – personal stories from SEIU members in Montana who cannot afford insurance and rallied for health care reform.
  19. Epistemiology – This blog author writes about how the inability to afford health insurance has radically changed the author’s political stance.
  20. The Wave – The blog author talks about his struggle to afford health insurance and the sacrifice he made to have to let it go.
  21. Pet Health Insurance – This blog’s author laments on the difficulties of trying to find a decent enough job to work in the field she wants and to be able to afford health insurance.
  22. Untwist Your Thinking – A blogger’s plight about getting addicted to a prescribed drug then not being able to afford insurance to get treatment for dependency.
  23. KevinMD – A blog by a doctor who find irony in lottery sales and his patients who can’t afford insurance.
  24. Portland Independent Media Center – This blog’s author is disgusted with not being able to afford insurance and cannot get treatment for a serious problem.
  25. Not Enough Coffee – A blog from a freelancer who struggles with health issues and can’t afford health insurance.
  26. Clebilicious – A blog post about the author’s plight with back problems, no affordable health insurance and no relief in sight.
  27. The Naked Truth – The author of this blog is HIV positive and can’t afford health insurance.
  28. Free Insurance Tip – A blog post from a person with a persistent problem and can’t afford health insurance to take care of it so they look for free advice online.
  29. The OddNotes – This blog interviews a young entrepreneur with a successful DIY business but can’t afford health insurance.
  30. BlackGivesBack – A blog that examines the effects of HIV from the standpoint of a successful woman who cannot afford health insurance.
  31. My Insulin Log – A blog written by a person with diabetes that can’t afford health insurance nor her testing kits and supplies.
  32. Denver Blog – The author of this blog comments on the inability to afford insurance and why money rules our existence.
  33. Disarm Now Plowshares – This blog is an open letter about the plight of the young, the inability to afford quality health insurance, and what we need to tell our government.
  34. The Political Environment – This blog author expresses outrage for a state government official to opt for overseas trade surplus over aiding those who can’t afford health insurance.
  35. Child Support Laws – The author explains the problems he had encountered trying to raise children in a new marriage with no affordable health insurance and problems with an ex-wife.
  36. It’s a Beautiful Life – This author examines social services, having children when health insurance is unaffordable, and other questions that are either moral or financial.
  37. Scholars and Rogues – This blog author rants about his inability to afford health insurance while the insanely rich example he uses have no concept of real struggle and act as if they do.
  38. World Business Web – A blog that makes suggestions to help those who can’t afford health insurance get some coverage.
  39. Free Online Mania – A post about a woman who fears debt from the new health care bill more than her inability to afford health insurance.
  40. Today’s Seniors – Seniors ask how they will afford health insurance after the new bill passes if they cannot afford it now.
  41. VNA CEO – The author shares a story about a friend who can’t afford health insurance even though she lives in a state that requires it.
  42. PanAsianBiz – This blog is the result of some interesting research the author had done when looking for ways to get treatment since he cannot afford health insurance himself.
  43. Take Back Medicine – This blog author is infuriated about the state of American health care at an imbalance with its vanity and how it is possible to have nice things but not be able to afford health insurance.

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