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10 Homemade Recipes for Better Skin

by Staci Marks on May 17, 2012

There are hundreds of skin products on the market, claiming to be miracle solutions for all kinds of problem skin types. In recent years, many people have become more aware of some of the potentially harmful ingredients in these products, including some that may purposefully dry out the skin or act as carcinogens. Even bottles of so-called “natural” skincare lines tout unfamiliar ingredients on the back, with unpronounceable names. If you want to be sure of what you’re putting on your face, homemade skincare recipes can be made using mainly ingredients found in your pantry. While some of these recipes include trips to a specialized health food store’s vitamin or bulk spice aisle, every ingredient in these recipes is completely natural.

  1. Skin-Tightening Mask

    A special on the show Dr. Oz gave viewers advice as to some simple, homemade recipes for healthy skin. One of the favorites was made by mashing together equal parts dry espresso grounds and honey. The caffeine from the espresso tightens the skin, giving it an anti-aging effect. Caffeine is also an anti-irritant and coffee is an antioxidant. You can even drink the espresso first and use the leftover grounds if you don’t want the coffee to go to waste. After the paste is combined, it should be smoothed out over the face and left on for 15 to 20 minutes before it is rinsed off. It is gentle enough to be done twice a week, although you should always stop treatments if your skin reacts adversely to it.

  2. Brightening Facial Toner

    Toners can be used after your daily face wash to keep your skin bright and shrink your pores. While most toners contain alcohols that make them mostly suited to oily skin types, a less aggressive toner can be made to cater toward sensitive skin or dry skin. A simple, homemade toner can be made using half a cup of lemon juice, one cup of water, and two-thirds of a cup of witch hazel. Start with a freshly cleaned face, and then apply the toner by dabbing it onto the entire surface of your face (except around the eyes and lips) using a cotton ball. The witch hazel helps reduce redness and inflammation, keeping the skin tight and youthful. The lemon juice gets rid of pimples and blackheads, while simultaneously imparting the skin with a flawless, porcelain tone.

  3. Masks for Men

    Nearly all DIY skincare recipes are targeted toward women, but Natural Beauty Workshop has devised a collection of facial mask recipes geared towards men, who also need to tend to their skin and eliminate ingrown hairs caused by shaving. For a basic mask, combine one tablespoon of yellow sandalwood powder, coral calcium, honey powder, and one to two teaspoons of carrot seed hydrosol in a bowl. Then add two tablespoons of moor mud, which will hold all of the dry ingredients together and provide a creamy texture. Apply the entire slew to the face and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. It should be dry to the touch, after which you may rinse it off and pat dry your new, invigorated skin.

  4. The Turmeric Mask

    Turmeric is a bit of a miracle ingredient. It has been shown to ward off cancer cells and was historically used by Indian brides to brighten the skin prior to weddings. The high concentration of antioxidants in it help prevent cell damage, it helps reduce pigmentation, and it smoothes out wrinkles in the skin. To make a turmeric mask, create a mixture using two tablespoons of flour, one teaspoon of turmeric, three tablespoons of milk or yogurt, and a dash of honey. This paste can be applied to your face, left on for 20 minutes, and then rinsed off in warm water. When you apply the mixture to your face, do not apply too thick of a layer or staining may occur.

  5. Green Papaya Mask

    To achieve warmer, brighter skin with a soft glow, a green papaya mask can be administered. Unripe papaya contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids and high levels of papain that flush away dead skin cells and helps promote circulation in the face, which in turn results in a pleasantly rosier complexion. The yogurt imparts a creamy texture and the lactic acid within it is another alpha-hydroxy. An alternate mask can be made for sensitive skin types that uses ripe papaya, which contains less of the enzyme that breaks down dead skin cells for a gentler cleanse. To assemble the mixture, combine half a cup of diced unripe papaya, one teaspoon of plain yogurt, and one teaspoon of honey in a food processor and blend until it is incorporated. After applying the mixture to clean skin, leave it on for eight to 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

  6. Brown Sugar Honey Cleanser

    For acne-prone skin, the brown sugar honey cleanser is a must. It is a daily facial wash that soaks up all the benefits of honey, including its humectant properties of retaining moisture, the multitude of enzymes within it, and the anti-aging, healing effects it can have on skin. The cleanser can be used once of twice a week as your face wash, and is made by simply combining olive oil, brown sugar, and honey. Once it is applied to the face, it should be gently scrubbed for one or two minutes to gain the full effects. The honey is antibacterial and antimicrobial, and by concentrating on clogged pores and rough patches, your complexion should be swept clean of all flaws. A moisturizer may be used afterward, although it likely won’t be necessary since the olive oil helps to moisturize the skin.

  7. Baking Soda Orange Juice Mask

    The baking soda and orange juice mask is great for oilier skin types, but sensitive skin may not take to it very well as it is especially exfoliating in nature. All it requires is one tablespoon of orange juice and one tablespoon of baking soda. After combining the two and mixing well, spread onto your face and allow for it to sit 20 minutes. It can then be rinsed with warm water. Your skin may be pink initially, but your pores will be minimized and your face will be soft to the touch. While the mask is on your face, it can easily flake off with too much movement, so lay down to keep it from trickling onto your clothing.

  8. DIY Everyday Moisturizer

    While there are hundreds of facial masks that can be done in the comfort of your home, rarely do you see a facial moisturizer that can be used every day. This moisturizer is easy to make and a perfect solution for normal to dry skin types. The cream or lotion base can use any suntan lotion with an SPF to protect your skin, or you can make the lotion base from scratch. To that, you add macadamia oil, Neroli Italy essential oil, lavender essential oil, rosewood essential oil, distilled lemon essential oil, Gingko Biloba extract, vitamin E, aloe vera gel, and rosemary leaf extract. Most of the oils can be found easily in the vitamin section of your local health food store.

  9. Eggwhite Blackhead Remover

    Although not particularly the most deliciously smelling remedy, an egg white mask can effectively pull out stubborn blackheads. Break several egg whites into a bowl until you have enough to distribute across your entire face, and apply the mixture with your fingertips onto a clean face. Multiple layers of the mixture can be added as you allow each layer to dry. The egg white mixture should sit for 15 minutes, after which your skin should feel taut. Remove the egg whites with a washcloth and warm water, gently scrubbing until all the residual egg white mixture is gone. Your face will be blackhead-free and your complexion will be creamy in color.

  10. Anti-Aging Cocoa Mask

    Chocolate continues to show its incredible benefits, both to the heart and now for your skin. Chocolate contains antioxidants that help with the effects of aging over time, tightening the skin to provide a glowing, supple complexion. The recipe is simple by combining a fourth of a cup of cocoa powder, half a cup of sour cream or a fourth of a cup of heavy cream, two tablespoons of oatmeal, and three tablespoons of honey in a blender. Mix the ingredients until a batter-like consistency is achieved and allow for it to sit for five minutes. Smooth the mixture onto your face and let it work its magic on your skin for 15 minutes. It’s edible, so you can lick your lips if you get any on them and delight in the yummy, chocolaty flavor. Any leftovers can be safely stored in the refrigerator.

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